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Jelper Club

Ace Your Career in Japan with Us

Employment-Focused Social Media Platform for Top Students in the World to Achieve Career Success in Japan

Jelper Cube

Unlock Exclusive Internships and Jobs in Japan with Jelper Club

Are you an ambitious student or a recent graduate dreaming of launching your career in Japan? Jelper Club is your passport to a world of exclusive internship and job opportunities in Japan you won't find anywhere else.

We connect top global talents with strictly chosen Japanese companies eager to hire international minds. Whether you're an
international seeking a global career launchpad or Japanese craving an international work environment, we have the perfect opportunities for you.

Partnering with Leading Firms Seeking Global Talent

Why Jelper Club?

Exclusive Career Access

Land internships and jobs with top Japanese companies, with various Japanese proficiency requirements.


Exclusive Benefits

Enjoy genuine Japanese cultural experiences and living support to rich your time and enhance your life in Japan.


HR Direct Reach

Chat directly with HR of companies registered on Jelper Club and receive personalized recruitment messages.


Professional Growth and Networking

Connecting with professionals & peers in our online community exclusive member-only events. View past events.


Who Should Join? 

Jelper Club is designed for the “Jelpers”.


Ambitious students or recent graduates from globally renowned universities aiming to launch their careers in Japan, with job opportunities tailored to various Japanese language proficiencies from top companies.

Open-minded students or recent graduates educated at top international universities, actively seeking exclusive job opportunities to apply their global skills in a professional setting at top companies in Japan.


Past Events


Soiree Tokyo London

March 15, 2024
@St Ethelburga's Bishopsgate

ジェルパークラブJapan Day

November 15-16, 2023
@Harvard Science Center

  • Is there a fee to join Jelper Club?
    No, there is no cost at all for student members (Jelpers) and individual professionals to use the Jelper Club online platform. However, please note that participation fees may apply for some in-person events. For companies interested in posting job opportunities on Jelper Club, please refer to our business page.
  • How often does Jelper Club hold events?
    Currently, networking events are held 2 to 4 times a year, and recruitment events are held 2 to 6 times a year. The frequency of these events is expected to increase in the future. For more details, please check the Jelper Club platform.
  • What are the characteristics of companies registered in Jelper Club?
    At Jelper Club, we apply rigorous scrutiny to companies that register with us. This ensures that only those organizations where the world’s top students can fully utilize their talents are selected. Additionally, many of our registered companies have more lenient Japanese language requirements compared to other job platforms. This opens up employment opportunities in Japan to a diverse array of top students worldwide, ranging from native Japanese speakers to those with no knowledge of the language.


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