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Japan's Health and Welfare Benefits - Unique Attractions of Japanese Companies

Updated: Jun 17

Japan's welfare system


The employee benefits offered by Japanese companies are exceptional compared to other countries and are highly regarded both domestically and internationally. These benefits include health insurance systems that reduce medical expenses, regular health check-ups, fitness programs, and a variety of lifestyle support programs, all of which provide employees with a sense of security.

For international students considering working in Japan, understanding what health benefits do Japanese companies offer is crucial. These benefits create a work environment where employees can feel safe and improve their overall quality of life and work satisfaction.

In this article, we will provide a detailed overview of the health insurance, wellness programs, and other various employee benefits offered by Japanese companies, highlighting the support you can expect when working in Japan.

Health Insurance and Wellness Programs Offered by Japanese Companies

Japanese Companies' Health Insurance System Explained

Japanese companies are legally required to provide health insurance to their employees. The health insurance system involves both the company and the employee contributing to the insurance premiums. This arrangement allows the insurance to cover a portion of medical expenses, significantly reducing the cost of treatments and medications for employees, thus enabling them to access medical services with confidence.

Moreover, many companies offer additional health insurance plans (Corporate Health Insurance Associations) that provide coverage beyond what the standard health insurance offers. This can include priority treatment at specific medical institutions, additional health check-ups, and support for dental treatments, among other benefits.

Regular Health Check-ups

Most Japanese companies conduct annual health check-ups for their employees, as mandated by law. The primary purpose of these check-ups is to regularly monitor employees' health status. These examinations typically include general physical exams, blood tests, and electrocardiograms, allowing employees to understand their health condition and detect any potential health issues early on.

Wellness Programs

Japanese companies engage in various wellness programs to maintain and improve their employees' health. These activities not only enhance employees' work performance but also boost overall company productivity. List of wellness programs in Japanese workplaces:

  • Subsidized Access to Sports Clubs: Many companies provide subsidies for employees to use sports clubs or gyms. This makes it easier for employees to start exercising regularly and maintain their daily health.

  • On-site Fitness Programs: Some companies have on-site fitness facilities and offer classes such as yoga and Pilates. These programs allow employees to refresh themselves during breaks and reduce stress levels.

  • Mental Health Support: Mental health care is also a critical part of wellness activities. Companies provide counseling services and hold seminars on mental health to support employees' mental well-being.

Types and Benefits of Employee Welfare Programs in Japanese Companies

Japanese companies offer a wide range of employee welfare programs to support various aspects of their employees' lives. These benefits enhance job satisfaction and foster loyalty to the company. So, how do Japanese companies support employee welfare? Below are some common types of welfare programs provided by Japanese companies:

Housing Allowance

Many Japanese companies offer housing allowances. Housing and family support in Japanese companies help employees with their living expenses. This is particularly beneficial in expensive urban areas like Tokyo, as it significantly reduces the financial burden on employees. Some companies also provide company housing, ensuring employees have affordable and secure accommodation.

Family Allowance

Support for employees with families is robust in many Japanese companies. This includes family allowances to help cover child-rearing and educational expenses, making it easier for employees to balance work and family life. Additionally, some companies provide birth bonuses and childcare support funds.

Retirement Benefits

Many Japanese companies have retirement benefit systems that provide a lump-sum payment upon retirement. Retirement plans offered by Japanese employers typically increases with the length of service, encouraging long-term employment and rewarding long-term contributions. This system is a crucial financial resource for employees in their post-retirement years.

Childcare and Caregiving Leave

Japanese law guarantees certain periods of leave for employees caring for children or family members. Beyond legal requirements, many companies offer additional support such as financial benefits during childcare leave and caregiving support services. This enables employees to focus on family care without worrying about their job security.

Welfare Facilities

Companies often provide access to recreational facilities and resorts for employees and their families. These facilities serve as places for employees to relax and rejuvenate during holidays or weekends, supporting their mental and physical well-being. Some companies also offer discounts at contracted hotels and resorts.

In-house Cafeterias

In-house cafeterias that provide healthy meals are an important part of employee welfare. Many companies offer nutritious meals at low prices, promoting better health and dietary habits among employees. This allows employees to make the most of their lunch breaks and refresh themselves during the workday.

Other Employee Benefits

Additionally, many companies offer the following benefits:

  • Transportation Subsidies: Partial or full reimbursement of commuting expenses.

  • Training and Education Support: Financial assistance for attending training sessions and seminars to support career development.

  • Self-improvement Support: Programs that support language learning and obtaining professional qualifications to encourage personal growth.

  • Health Promotion Activities: Company sports clubs, corporate sports events, walking events, and health consultation sessions.

  • Company Loan Programs: Low-interest loans and emergency loan systems for employees in need.


The employee welfare programs in Japanese companies are attractive compared to those in other developed countries, providing a secure working environment. Comprehensive benefits such as housing allowances, family allowances, retirement benefits, childcare and caregiving leave, welfare facilities, and in-house cafeterias support various aspects of employees' lives, enhancing job satisfaction beyond just salary. Additionally, robust support like transportation subsidies, training and education assistance, and internal loan programs further bolster both personal and career development. Unique employee benefits in Japanese firms attract and retain talent.

The Japanese government is also strongly committed to promoting workplace health, combining excellent medical services with regulations to maintain a healthy work environment. These efforts ensure a safe and supportive working environment for all employees, including foreign workers.

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(Editor: Jelper Club Editorial Team)

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