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Employee Interview - Hitomi Miyamoto (YCP Japan/Associate)

Founded in 2011 by Yuki Ishida, YCP Holdings engages in management services and principal investment businesses, focusing on Asia. We have implemented an employee interview with Hitomi Miyamoto, who works as an Associate at YCP Japan, the Japanese corporation of YCP Holdings, to learn about her job responsibilities, why she chose YCP Japan, the company's strengths, and the benefits of working there.

Hitomi Miyamoto

―― Can you please introduce a bit about yourself?

Miyamoto: I'm Hitomi Miyamoto from YCP Japan. I studied marketing at Waseda University and joined YCP Japan as a new graduate in March 2022. During university, I went to Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong for six months each as an exchange student, studying international marketing and finance. I was also a member of a student organization that hosted business competitions across Japan, China, and South Korea.

―― Please tell us about your current work.

Miyamoto: I'm currently involved in two parallel projects as Associate. The first is business due diligence for investment target selection for a domestic PE fund. The second is supporting overseas expansion for Japanese companies. For the latter, we're helping Japanese companies increase their presence in East and Southeast Asia and develop sales strategies for each expansion location. We're working on this project in collaboration with YCP Japan's local subsidiaries. I work in the office three days a week and remotely for two days.

―― Can you describe a recent typical day?

Miyamoto: A typical recent day looks like this:

9:00AM: Start work (in office or remotely)

9-10AM: Individual work (preparing for client meetings, responding to emails, etc.)

10-11AM: Attend client meeting

11AM-12PM: Team meeting (organizing to-dos based on the client meeting)

12-1PM: Lunch (often with colleagues when in the office)

1-7PM: Work on to-dos from the morning meeting (create documents, etc.), receive reviews from superiors

7:30 PM: Leave office/end work

I work closely with project managers and directors. As our company is small, it's easy to work with senior staff due to the close relationships.

―― Why did you decide to join YCP (when you were job hunting)?

Miyamoto: I decided to join YCP Japan for four main reasons:

1.     I was attracted to its focus on Asia.

2.     Having YCP on my resume would differentiate me for future career opportunities.

3.     As a smaller firm, it offers more opportunities to develop consulting skills compared to other companies.

4.     It allows for more involvement in management compared to other consulting firms.

―― After joining YCP, was there a gap between your expectations and reality?

Miyamoto: There was a big gap, but in a good way. Honestly, it exceeded my expectations in all aspects. Regarding the first point, we not only focus on Asia but also have many opportunities to collaborate with local offices. I sometimes travel abroad up to twice a month. About 30-40% of our projects in YCP involve overseas work, which is primarily conducted in English. This was surprisingly frequent.

For the second and third points, despite having fewer employees and smaller project teams compared to top strategy consulting firms, the level of work expected from clients is equal to or higher than those firms. This naturally leads to rapid skill development. YCP uniquely provides experiences that would be rare elsewhere, especially for young employees. For example, I've participated in investment committee meetings in my first year and directly communicated with client executives in my second year.

As for the fourth point, I was surprised by how committed we are to strategy implementation across all projects. We not only create practical roadmaps and monitor activities but sometimes even work alongside clients in the field. This hands-on approach helps us develop practical insights, leading to more effective strategy formulation.

Hitomi Miyamoto

―― How satisfied are you with the compensation and benefits?

Miyamoto: The compensation and benefits have greatly exceeded my pre-employment expectations. The salary is arguably top-tier in the industry. The benefits are also excellent, particularly the personal expense system that allows us to claim up to 100,000 yen per month for work-related expenses.

Another major advantage is the ease of taking time off. With many short-term projects, we can take extended breaks between assignments. There's a company-wide supportive attitude towards taking time off, including sabbatical leave for self-study.

―― Lastly, do you have any messages for the Jelpers (students registered with Jelper Club)?

Miyamoto: I believe there are two important things to consider in job hunting:

First, find what you truly want to do after graduating. If you want to use your overseas study experience to work in Japan, YCP Japan could be an ideal environment.

Second, it's crucial to establish your priorities for your first career. Many students seem to waver on their core values due to concerns about status or others' opinions. Determining your non-negotiable values is essential not only for job hunting but for enjoying a long career.

―― Thank you for sharing such valuable insights.

Miyamoto: Thank you as well. This interview has reminded me of YCP's strengths.

Hitomi Miyamoto

Hitomi Miyamoto's experience at YCP Japan showcases a vivid tapestry of challenges and growth, accentuating the unique opportunities at the company. Her journey from a student at Waseda University to a pivotal role at YCP underscores the potential for career development within a nurturing yet ambitious environment. For those who are exploring career opportunities in Japan, particularly in a firm that values Asia-centric growth and hands-on strategic implementation, YCP Japan represents a compelling choice.

For international students who dream of leveraging their academic and cultural experiences in a dynamic business landscape, YCP Japan offers a platform where ambitions align with supportive professional growth. Whether you're seeking to innovate in business strategies or looking for a vibrant community that champions deep, impactful work, consider how YCP Japan could be the next step in fulfilling your career aspirations.

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(Interviewer/Editor: Jelper Club Editorial Team)

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